Video marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign and it comes as no surprise with 85% of people watching videos online and 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content.

Video marketing is something I help clients with on a daily basis. From working on a storyboard, new ideas and briefing a professional videographer to shooting and editing on an iPhone and getting it launched online via social media, websites and blogs. 

If you’re working on your video marketing strategy, here are some ideas and tips to help you create inspiring and actionable online videos:

1. Focus On The Story – Not The Sale

Your video should focus on the story of the business or brand and not the bottom line of getting sales. Yes, we know what matters, but concentrate on the value you are providing your customers. People want to connect with your video, so you need to tap into their needs and hidden desires. 

2. Keep It (Very) Short

You have approximately five seconds to engage with your customer, so you need to ensure you have the best ten seconds ever so they don’t click back out. My best advice is to have a punchy opening and not a ten second intro before anything happens. 

3. Shoot in Landscape

As social media users, we tend to record in portrait but we always need to ensure we film in landscape. Why? Because consumers like to see their video in full screen without those two iconic blank sides. 

4. Clean Crisp Audio

If it’s a piece to camera, it’s vital you have good quality sound. If you discover during the editing phase that the sound is poor, muffled or unclear, you can always add a voice clip. A very handy tool is iMovies. (You can thank me later!)

5. Subtitles

You can probably guess from your own habits why it’s important to have subtitles. Whether it’s to give others peace or to drown out other noise, most of us like to watch videos with no sound so having subtitles increases the probability that your customer will watch your video. 

6. Add Humour

Don’t be afraid to add a little humour or make your customer laugh. Yes, there is a fine line between humour and damaging your brand but think about videos from Snickers and good old Donegal Catch. That idea is in a filing cabinet!

7. SEO – Tag Your Videos

You want people to find your videos easily online so you should host it on your website and ensure to embed it with keywords so search engines like Google know what the content is. 

8. Consumers Are Visual Learners

According to research, 65% of consumers are visual learners so create short videos to show people how to use your product or service or to showcase top tips. For example, if you have a food or drink product, do a video on making an easy dinner or evening cocktail or if you have an online service, do a quick video to show people how to use it. 

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