Influencer marketing is fast becoming one of the main ways businesses reach their target audience, particularly for the cohort of consumers who can’t be reached by traditional media of print, radio and TV ads. Over the years I’ve has the pleasure of working with some fantastic digital creators and have built great relationships with them, linking them with businesses to create partnerships.

If you’re new to the term ‘influencer marketing’, in a nutshell, it’s when brands work with content creators who have a strong social media followers to promote their product or service. It’s still a relatively new tool used by PR teams and businesses, and like most things, there’s always room for improvement. I recently sat in on a webinar focusing on working with influencers and interestingly, there’s a lot consumers don’t like. To help any budding Irish digital creators, I’ve listed some of the most annoying things consumers don’t like so you can instantly up your game and learn and for more detailed stats visit

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We all love a good filter but don’t over do it. Irish consumers listed this as one of the most annoying things when digital creators share content on their page. My advice is to keep it real and go for a natural approach. 


Keep your content authentic and true to you. Only talk about products or services that you are genuine about. If you find yourself in a situation where a brand wants you to talk about something you wouldn’t use or like, just thank them for the opportunity but let them know that it’s not the right fit for you and your audience.

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Hashtags such as #Sponsored #SP let’s your followers know when you’re being paid to promote a product or service, but don’t forget to keep adding your own content that people fell in love with first. Your followers can get tired of too much sponsored content, so be mindful when you’re taking on projects.


If you’re a business and want to explore working with digital creators to help talk about your brand, don’t hesitate to give me a call. From paid-partnerships to preparing PR samples and gifts, Social Scene PR is a Donegal PR agency that knows how to find the right fit for your brand. Call Grace Shields – 0860545064 or email